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Tracing the Waterways Beneath the Sidewalks of New York

Most of the group’s talks tend to be more technical, he said, and he appreciates that Ms. Levy will provide another perspective. She will supply brushes and the chalk paint (“It washes away in Skip Trace the next rain,” she said), and talk about ways people can render the water. Water that runs into turbulence, hitting a rock, takes on forms that are seen throughout nature, she said. “You get these wonderful swirling vortices,” she said. “It’s like the spiral shape that hurricanes make at the beginning. It’s the way blood pumps through your heart. Da Vinci cast a glass heart and found that out. When you stir cream into your coffee, those forms are the exact same as a hurricane or in blood flowing through the heart.” People in the workshop can figure out how to represent that turbulence, she said. Whether through brushstrokes or by gaining fresh knowledge of what is hidden, the connection will have power. “You’re walking down a city street and get a sense that it is connected to another time,” Ms.

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